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Gail Berryman

Great plumber, excellent customer service

Pete Whitmore

Top guy and plumber! Thanks for all your hard work, Will!

Rob Evans

Will's the only Plummer I trust. He's highly experienced, genuine and gives great value for money

Kirsty Berryman

Very pleased with my bathrooms and new boiler! Excellent plumber

Louise Fuller

Great plumber, very honest and reliable. Would highly recommend!

Keith Sherman

Couldn't meet a nicer plumber good knowledge, price and excellent work

Whether you require a completely new bathroom or just a rejuvination to an exisiting one. WJR Coleman offer their professional expertises to fullful your dreams, catering to all budgets.


Fully skilled in all aspectes required to give you a quality professionally finished bathroom inclusive of plumbing, tiling, flooring and accessories.

*Disabled bathrooms are VAT exempt.

All makes and models installed, we will recommend the best boiler for the requirement of your home/business and leave you to make the decision to suit you budget.

We have successfully completed work for domestic clients and are also highly regarded within the new build construction industry.

Boiler servicing is an essential to the ecconmic and safe running of you hot water and central heating systems.  We service all makes of boilers and will happily enter into a long term service and maintenance agreement on any boiler we install.

We install a range of central heating systems into both new build and existing properties, for both domestic and commercial customers.  We also maintain and upgrade existing systems to customers changing circumstances.

Benefits of power flushing your heating system are:

  • Restores system efficiency
  • Cures flow and circulation problems
  • Restores heat output to radiators
  • Power flushing and descaling in only one visit
  • Cleans the whole system, including under-floor pipe-work
  • Cures or prevents boiler noise
  • Complete process carried out in less than six hours
  • Minimises boiler warranty problems

We provide and install underfloor heating system which is efficient and invisible.  Traditional space-consuming radiators heat up rooms the wrong way around heating from the ceiling to the floor.  With an underfloor heating solution the entire surface area of the floor is used as a radiator to heat the room from floor to ceiling.


Underfloor Heating, comfort levels are high and running costs are low.

By law in the UK a Gas safety certificate is required to be held for all UK rental accommodation where gas appliances are present. (Gas Safety Regulations 1998)

The processing of Gas safety certificates is carried out by Gas Safe Register Technitions, this scheme took over from the CORGI scheme in 2009.

You can call any time for any enquires or just some advice.

Our engineeers have talked our customers through dealing with emergencies over the phone, or directing them how to repressurise their heating systems.

If we can't get to you in an emergency, we will try to advise how best to deal with your problem.

In this ever changing world, customers look for alternatives to standard bathrooms.  The popularity of walk in showers is growing and we at WJR Coleman are in tune with todays fashions and can add value to your property

Great for small bathrooms and in general easier to clean.

Having vast experience in this area, we pride ourself on our reputation on delivering fabulous, modern creations that our customers feel proud to show off.

*Disabled shower rooms are VAT exempt.